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Lack of Esports Ecosystem in India

Over the years esports has gained momentum worldwide. The Indian eSports industry has also initiated a world for gamers filled with thrill and adventure from the comfort of their homes on their personal computers or mobile phones.

What is eSports?

Many people play video games as amusements, rejuvenation etc.

But for some extraordinarily skilled players, this is not just a means of rejuvenation but also make a living, enjoy stardom, raise competition.

eSports is competitive multiplayer video gaming between professional gamers. It may be viewed by the audience in gaming arenas or through various online gaming platforms. Just like other physical sports, tournaments, leagues, sponsors, and owners have shown great interest in tapping the vast pool of audience interaction and integration.

As we see in India, the leagues of badminton, football, and many other sports are getting its due popularity. eSports is also attracting similar popularity.

Many different tournaments are present where players can participate worldwide and compete against each other. These games include leagues of legends, call of duty, etc. It does require your ability to respond as quickly as possible and think on the spot.

While the eSports industry is increasing in size globally, the Indian eSports system remains small. India's ranking in terms of the revenue generated through eSports is comparatively low compared to China, South Korea, etc. Lack of infrastructure is the main reason behind India's position. The second reason may be the availability of good internet speed at some places, but many at the same point may not have similar bandwidth required for streaming.

The first significant eSport league took place in India in 2017. INR Fifty-one lakhs were given as the prize money by the organizers. And the company was put on national television and partnered with a renowned music channel meant for youth. After showing on national television, eSports has gained major hype in many areas of the country.

When this sport grows, it can provide many business opportunities as well, such as

• Just like cyber cafes, gaming café where high-quality gaming equipment are available at a meagre cost.

• games that are suitable to the Indian context.

• Organizing competitions across schools and colleges can increase participation.

• Organizing online leagues.

I am extremely hopeful of the opportunity that eSports offer and looking forward to a chance to be part of this burgeoning industry.

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