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Playing PUBG or any Other Game on VPN after being Banned by Government legal or Illegal for players?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Google and Apple store have recently removed BGMI from their app store.

Google has confirmed that the app was removed following a government order, after which the internet behemoth removed both the apps and subsequently, the apps are no longer available to download.

Now the question is how will eSports players access the BGMI server.

When PUBG mobile and Garena free fire were banned their respective servers went down and the players were unable to access the server even though the game was preinstalled on their smartphones.

Can eSports players still play Battle Ground Mobile India?

BGMI has been removed from the play store and app store. BGMI server is still active and players who have their games installed on their phones can still play the game.

Is it illegal to play BGMI on VPN after being banned by the government?

No, it is not illegal to play BGMI on VPN. Using VPN is completely legal in India. Although it's better to check for oneself and avoid legally banned apps and sites while playing VPN. We do not recommend going against any legal formality.

Why did the BGMI game has been removed from India?

On September 2, 2020, the government of India banned PUBG mobile. The game was re-released by Krafton as Battle Ground Mobile India after 10 months. The game avoided the detection and there were reports that nothing has changed and PUBG mobile has been rebranded as BGMI.

BGMI also claimed that they have resolved the issues that were present in PUBG.

The game was launched on July 2 for android users in India. BGMI was able to gain 100 million users in just one year. People had issued many complaints against the game because Tencent (a foreign entity) was still controlling it in the background.

NGO named Prahar filed a complaint against BGMI and raised concerns to the government. They had written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information Technology. With various other non-government organisations supporting the ban, it was a difficult time for the players.

Thus, the government had taken action against BGMI on the grounds of section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

When will BGMI come?

Krafton has made a small teaser on their YouTube channel stating the fact that BGMI may make their comeback in India. One of the popular eSport players also hinted in a video that it could be made available again by the end of 2022.

Top BGMI alternative one can try right now.

1.Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the most well-known battle royale games on the Google Play Store is Call of Duty: Mobile, which is published by Activision. The game, like its PC equivalent, has a thriving esports culture with several sizable tournaments happening all year long.

The BR mode in COD Mobile is very similar to the BGMI. In this mode, 100 players arrive on an island and engage in survival combat.

Players can choose from a wide range of maps that are introduced throughout the game's several seasons. Additionally, there are numerous game types with various goals for participants to accomplish.

2.Free Fire MAX

The popular battle royale game Free Fire's updated version, Free Fire MAX, was published in 2021. Compared to the original game, it provides stunning visuals, effects, and animations.

Due to Free Fire's February 2022 prohibition in India, Battlegrounds Mobile India's MAX version faced competition.

Since BGMI's ban, the game's popularity has greatly increased. It is particularly well-liked by gamers who use budget devices to play BR games.

Free Fire MAX boasts a variety of modes and fun gameplay elements that keep players interested. The game and BGMI are very similar, which makes the transfer for players easier.

3. Mobile Apex Legends

Apex Legends Mobile, created by Respawn Entertainment, was just recently made available worldwide. Due to its quick gameplay and stunning graphics, the game has now become a worldwide favorite among smartphone players.

Both Battlegrounds Mobile India and Apex Legends Mobile feature a mix of shooting and tactical combat. But compared to Krafton's game, which takes itself more seriously, EA's survival shooter undoubtedly offers a more entertaining experience because of its playful and cheery gameplay style.

The special characters in Apex Legends Mobile are referred to as Legends. Each has unique traits that fall into the tactical, passive, and ultimate categories.

We need four things for eSports in India to succeed in the future.

1. A large audience (comes from acceptance). This has already been set up. We need a common gathering spot where everyone can congregate and talk. Indian gamers are brought together through a variety of games, but there isn't a single core platform that serves their needs exclusively. The majority of them are simply biased ad-based channels for video games.

2. A large-scale donation or sponsorship. Companies that embrace the notion that today's youth have spending power and should be catered to with the appropriate message and channel are needed for this. Therefore, consider Red Bull, Razer/SteelSeries gear, and (may) steer clear of Britannia biscuits.

3. Adequate government. one where there aren't criminals lowballing deals and defrauding Indian audiences like the IGC people. Gamers, gamers, and more gamers must complete this. Someone who spent 20 years driving other product categories may not possibly understand the thinking of a gamer. And gamers are fantastic people who, while may not be rampwalk models or do well in school, have the commitment to construct them.

4. Having good vision. What values do eSports promote? Competition at the highest level, where race, ancestry, socioeconomic standing, religion, body type, and physical characteristics (height, weight, and skin tone) are irrelevant. Do you possess the necessary mental and physical skills?

First, for a boom to occur, there must be a big population of people prepared to spend a sizeable sum for the good or service offered by the sector. After all, a profitable industry is the only one that can support itself.

Although India is starting to gain momentum, there is still plenty to do. India is the top country for app downloads thanks to its incredible smartphone and data penetration (the majority of which are games). So, there are undoubtedly many individuals playing games right now. This is a huge accomplishment for a nation that has never had a positive cultural outlook on gaming.

But are they spending equally a lot?

Unfortunately, not yet. By 2022, the global games market will generate revenues of more than $160 billion, and India is expected to generate $1.1 billion. That’s not even 1%.

But if we compare to how things have panned out over the last 5 years or so, then there are certainly good signs of growth:

1. When compared to 2015, gaming income increased by 2.5 times. By itself, 2019 increased by over 40% from 2018. The gaming sector is expected to match the size of the Indian cinema sector in five years.

2. A lot of kids are playing video games right now. They won't be reluctant to spend money on games as they become older, have jobs, and have more discretionary income. In other words, a generation that regards gaming as a kind of entertainment will come into being. This will, in my opinion, be the main factor causing the gaming explosion in India.

3. The company Games24x7's statistics also demonstrates the expansion of the sector. When compared to five years ago, revenues have significantly increased, following the industry trend. The number of employees increased from around 80 to approximately 500 during that time, and it is still increasing. It's crucial to keep in mind that this rise is sustainable and driven by rising consumer spending rather than "throwing investment money away."

In conclusion, the Indian gaming business is eventually prepared to develop thanks to a sizable youth gaming population that will appreciate games, are armed with good data speed and are willing to spend. It may take time, but the growth rate is strong, making this sector an ideal to invest and for the players, a serious career option.

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