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Connect with global Esports Community, follow your favorite streamer or gamer. Chat with global community thru text, audio and video calls. Search and connect with anyone from Esports community.






Check where you stand as compared to other players on global level and PW level with reference to games you play. List your games stats on your profile and let peeps know how hard you are when it comes to gaming skills.  Get a visual representation of the competition.

Live Streaming

Play your favorite game and stream it live on Playwise for your audience. Grow and increase your viewership and fan following. Show your skills to the world and make them your fan. And list your NFT"S for your fans & viewers and get rewarded everytime your NFT's is traded.


World's first tournaments feature build on Blockchain technology to stop any scams with players.Participate and list your tournament. Compete with other teams and players.  Keep a track of all the matches. From amateurs to pro gamers, this is for everyone. Win tournaments to win prizes. 

Gamer's Shop

Grab your Esports gear. Right from gaming accessories to consoles to merchandise. We have it all for you at one single dedicated Esports Platform.


Now own the favorite moment of your favorite Content Creator and Esports Players by collecting their NFT's and earn rewards by trading them in Playwise Marketplace for NFT's. Users  can list their NFT's for trading.

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or Build Your Own

Are you a part of Fastest Growing eSports Community, if not then Download Today & Join Our Creator Program and Win Rewards.

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