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Connect with the Global eSports Community, and follow your favourite streamer or gamer. Chat with the global community thru text, audio and video calls. Search and connect with the eSports community.

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List your game's statistics on your profile and let peeps know how hard you are when it comes to gaming skills.  Get a visual representation of the competition.

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Live Streaming

Play your favourite game and stream it live on Playwise for your fans, followers & audience. List your NFTs and get rewarded when traded.

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List tournaments, play well, and stay safe and secure for rewards. Win Big!

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Gamer's Shop

Grab your eSports gear. Right from gaming accessories to consoles to merchandise. We have it all for you in one single dedicated eSports Platform.

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WEB 3.0 & NFT's

Playwise will empower creators with more options to monetize their content and provide easy monetization.

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